Penn & Teller's Fool Us Presents John Walton

Magicians always lie, but numbers tell the truth. That’s what Penn & Teller believed until John Walton appeared on their hit TV show “Fool Us” last year. Using random numbers and the Mona Lisa’s famous smile, John literally “did the math” eighteen different ways to show Penn & Teller that things
don’t always add up…even when they do.


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Guinness World Record

The Guinness World Record for most complete Faro card shuffles in 12 hours was presented at the Magic Castle in Hollywood in 2009.


2013 Magicians Originality Award

The 2013 Society Of American (SAM) Magicians Originality Award was given in Washington DC for the magic effect "Walton's Window".


PCAM 2006 Medal

This gold medal award was given by the Pacific Coast Association Of Magicians for parlor magic.


"Over the past ten years, it's been my pleasure to work with John Walton on numerous magic projects. John's magic I.Q. is very high, and his choice of material reflects his deep knowledge of the art. John's winning performance on Penn & Teller FOOL US is a testament to all he brings to the table, and he just so happens to be a very likable guy."


Doug Bennett

Magic Creator, Consultant, Writer

"John Walton is a first-class magician that is devoted to the art and leaves no detail unattended.  More importantly, you love him the moment he steps on stage due to his warm, sincere delivery and respect for his audience regardless of demographics.

It is this style of his that makes him one of the privileged few to fool Penn & Teller on their popular national television show "FOOL US". Don't take my word for it, ask Penn and Teller for yourself.  (Teller may not answer the phone)   :)"


Kerry Pollock

Veteran Vegas Performer, Owner Of The Hilton Head Comedy Magic Cabaret

"John's ability to refine a piece of magic to perfection is unmatched in the magic industry. He will work on an illusion for 25 years to get it PERFECT! That is a lesson for us all!"


Jeff McBride

Las Vegas Headliner

"As the Mount Baker Theatre's resident magician, John always focuses his magic on what people want, and keeps them scratching their heads and the heck did he do that?!"


Brad Burdick

Executive Director, Mount Baker Theatre


John Walton has been entertaining crowds small and large for over 25 years. Inquire below to book magic for your next event. You can also email

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