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Podcasts are essentially the radio of today. They are free to listen to, easy to access, and you can find them on practically any topic imaginable. Yes, that includes MAGIC!

In fact, there are numerous magic podcasts out there for anyone remotely interested in magic. There are podcasts for beginning magicians, podcasts for magicians moving towards a professional career, and there are even podcasts for fans of magic.

Podcasts are a great way to get to know top names in the industry, to learn information, and to be inspired! Magic podcasts have covered loads of interesting topics such as building a magic business, magic conventions, the art of magic, magic history, performance improvement, and magic news.

Anytime you want to immerse yourself in all things magic-related, a podcast is a great place to turn. The only thing is, you’re going to want to know what podcasts to listen to. The one problem with podcasts on any topic is that there are so many to choose from!

If you’re going to spend the time listening to a magic podcast, you’re going to want to make sure you listen to a good one.

Don’t fret. Walton Magic has compiled a list of the best magic podcasts out there so you can get right down to business listening to something worthwhile and being inspired!


Magic Podcasts You Want to Listen to


Insider Podcast from Vanishing INC

Insider is a weekly podcast where some of the top names in magic stop by for a chat. Each episode is 30 minutes and is full of top news and conversation from magic insiders. In the past, the podcast has featured big magic names such as David Regal, David Williamson, and more. Insider is the perfect podcast when you want to be inspired, hear what other people are doing in magic, and drop in on incredible conversations about the simple art of magic.


Discourse in Magic

Jonah Babins hosts Discourse in Magic, a weekly podcast that focuses on improving performance and improving marketing while building a profession as a magician. The podcast has guests who are well-known in the magic industry, talking about various

essential business topics including going viral, comedic magic performances, obtaining bookings, developing an act, the heart of magic, and even mentalism and morality. Overall, the purpose of Discourse in Magic is to help magicians better their act, their mind, and build their business. This podcast is a must for anyone who wants to have a career as a magician.


The Magic Word

Hosted by professional magician Scott Wells, The Magic Word features an array of guests sharing about magic trends, conventions, and basic news. This is one of the oldest magic podcasts out there, having begun in 2011. The Magic Word covers major conventions, interviews top magicians, and keeps listeners up to date on everything happening in the magic world.


The Magic Newswire Spirit of Magic

The oldest magic news website out there, The Magic Newswire, has a great podcast meant to connect people with their favorite magicians. The Magic Newswire podcast is filled with top-notch interviews from the host Dodd Vickers. The conversations on the podcast are fun, inspiring, encouraging, and enlightening. Dodd has interviewed a number of the top names in magic, including David Blaine and Paul Wilson.


M-Word with Ben Earl

M-Word with Ben Earl is a fairly new podcast, hosted by magician Ben Earl. Ben chats about the heart and soul behind magic, the purpose, and the possibility of mastering the craft. M-Word is a deep and soulful journey through magic and magic-related topics. It’s for the thinkers and the people interested in diving deep into the magical realms. Host Ben Earl is generous with his use of strong language, making the podcast potentially unsuitable for children.


Two Magicians. One Mic.

Nick Paul and Simon Coronel publish their podcast Two Magicians. One Mic, twice a month, where they discuss topics such as what is magic, why magic, and who is magic. The podcast dives down into the more serious and thought-provoking topics, magic-related and non-magic-related. If nothing else, Two Magicians will get you to think. Along with the serious topics, the podcast has a fair share of comedy and magic-related interviews.


The Magicians Podcast

If you’ve ever wanted to listen to and learn from top magicians, The Magicians Podcast is for you. In this podcast, host Richard Young talks to the biggest and best names in magic, oftentimes seemingly unplanned and spur of the moment conversations. Talking to great magicians, Young asks hard questions and he’s not shy about discussing the tough stuff. This is the podcast that is going to introduce you to a number of magicians and inspire you to keep going in your career.


Listening to Magical Podcasts

As a magician, it’s important to keep learning, growing, and being inspired. It’s easy to get down and discouraged as you are beginning to learn magic or are trying to build a business. With magical podcasts, you can find the support and encouragement you need to stay focused and motivated. Listening to the stories of other magicians who have “made it” can be exactly what you need to keep you moving in the right direction.


Podcasts make it possible to gain the information, the news, and the inspiration that you need on a regular basis. Take the time to regularly listen to these podcasts and be inspired to make some magic!

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