Best Playing Cards for Magic

Magicians and playing cards go hand in hand. It’s true; when most people think about magic they picture pulling a rabbit out of a hat, cutting someone in half, or a simple deck of cards.

Yes, a deck of cards is one of the most common magic tools there is. While it may seem like just a basic prop, a magician can perform untold numbers of tricks to wow their audience with a pack of cards.

For all types of magicians, beginning, intermediate, and advanced, the question is, are there playing cards for magic that are better than others?

It’s true that your audience will probably never think about the cards you’re using in your act. To them, you’re just using a random deck of playing cards and it doesn’t really matter what kind they are.

The thing is, there are numerous playing cards out there. In fact, there are so many options, that you can easily get stuck trying to choose one when you’re first starting out. You have no idea what cards are going to be the best for performing card magic tricks, or if there is even a difference between the various types.

As a magician, you are going to spend a lot of time learning and performing card tricks. In fact, it’s estimated that 90% of magic tricks use a deck of cards.

There’s no doubt about it, you’re going to want to find and use the best playing cards out there. That may seem overwhelming, but don’t worry, Walton Magic has put together a list of the best playing cards for magic. Look no further…


Best Magic Playing Cards


Bicycle Cards

When it comes to playing cards, Bicycle cards are the most popular, and not just for magicians. Bicycle cards are the most used playing cards in the entire world. Due to their popularity, Bicycle cards are easy to find, as they are sold in stores everywhere. In fact, one of the reasons they are great for card magic is that they’re so easy to find. No matter where you are, you should be able to find Bicycle cards when you need them.

The other things that make them such a great choice is that they are very high-quality and durable, meaning that you’re going to be able to do a lot with them in your performance and won’t have to worry about damage. They are also very affordable, which is important when you’re using cards regularly for practicing and performing magic. You won’t have to worry about your cards because you’ll easily be able to buy what you need due to the inexpensive cost.

Bicycle cards also make a great impression on your audience because the cards are very recognizable. People are going to know you’re using the same, well-used cards that other top magicians use in their magic shows. In fact, they’re going to know that you’re using the same cards they use when they play games. That simple fact adds to your credibility as a magician.


Bee Cards

Another great option for card magic playing cards is Bee Playing Cards. These cards are also affordable and come on premium flexible stock. They are high-quality cards that are made to look like casino-playing cards. Bee cards have an all-around back that is borderless, which makes them a great choice for sleight of hand card magic tricks. They are also the preferred card in casino card magic.


Phoenix Cards

Card-Shark makes Phoenix Playing Cards which have a similar appearance to Bicycle cards due to being printed on matching stock. Many magicians like them better than Bicycle cards because they are easier to handle during shuffling and sleight of hand thanks to their cut.


Superior Cards

Made by the Expert Card Company, Superior Playing Cards are an alternative to Bicycle Cards. They are easy to use, durable, and affordable, just like their Bicycle counterpart, and they shuffle with ease. Superior cards are tough and are unlikely to be damaged during tricks, making them a great deck for performers who like to move around in front of their audience.


The Dapper Deck

The Dapper Deck is a sleek and elegant card deck that looks like a professional and expensive deck. However, it’s all for show. The Dapper Deck was actually designed as

a high-quality, great-looking, affordable alternative to regular playing cards. Each deck includes gaff cards, matching jokers, and hidden markings, ensuring they are perfect for card magic.


Monarch Cards

Just like The Dapper Deck, Monarch Playing Cards were created exclusively for magicians to perform card magic. They have an up-scale design that makes them look like high-quality, expensive, magic playing cards for professional magicians. Monarch cards are smooth and functional, easy to use in any card magic trick, and every deck contains a double-backer. While Monarch cards are more expensive than many other types of playing cards, they are still fairly affordable, making them a great choice for magicians who want an elegant, high-quality deck designed specifically for magic.


Choosing the Best Deck

Any of these decks will be a great addition to your magic routine. They are affordable, great quality, and are well-respected in the magic community. Your audience will be in awe of all that you can do with these playing cards.

The best way to decide which of these decks is the one for your routine is to give some of them a try. They’re affordable and easy to find, making it simple to buy a few different decks. Practice your card magic with each deck, try new tricks, perform in front of an audience. You’ll be able to feel which deck is the right one for you


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